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As part of a given brief,  the Danmark collection was inspired by Denby (the small Derbyshire town known for it's famous Denby Pottery). Once discovered that the name Denby translates to “Village of the Danes”, Yasemin took inspiration from the Danish landscapes to create a series of responses to the colours found in the landscapes, which were then translated into a series of matte glazes. Forms and shapes were inspired by various examples pf Danish architecture such as The Wave, The Infinity Bridge, Rundetaarn and the Cirkelbroen.

With influences from Danish culture such as the philosophy Hygge, Yasemin set to create a collective piece, made up of multiple elements which could wither be functional but could also be a decorative piece when together as one entity. 

A series of developmental drawings, paintings and collages lead up to the final piece in the collection, a series of hand slab-built glazed ceramic stoneware vessels, inspired by Danish landscapes and architecture in colour and in shape respectively. 

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