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natural land(e)scapes

The Natural Land(e)scapes collection explored many mediums such as drawing, painting, collage and different types of print to depict the connections Yasemin has forged through her escapes to the Peak District. The final entity of the collection was a bespoke ‘quilted painting’; a large textile piece, screen-printed and painted entirely by hand with reactive dyes onto organic calico. Surface pattern, colour and marks from her own visuals from the Peaks were exhaustively explored in preparation for the final outcome, alternating in between thought-out forms and intuitive mark-making. Amongst the abstract front piece and the botanical-patterned contrasting back piece, the natural bamboo wadding provides weight and substance.  To finish, the piece was hand-quilted in colour-matched cotton thread. The collection has the intent to echo the ambient presence the landscape has on herself, onto others.

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