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16 APRIL, 2019




The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) is a registered charity and educational provider, offering a range of internationally recognised colouration courses and qualifications. The SDC works on a global scale, giving its members all over the world a platform to come together to network and allow for better engagement amongst the colouration industry.

Every year the society hosts an annual International Design and Colour Competition, which attracts hundreds of students to apply, engaging with universities and designers globally. The aim of the competition is to help entrants develop and better their understanding of colour and the challenges the textile industry faces regarding colour and sustainability.

In March 2018, I was encouraged by one of my university tutors who is a member of the SDC to enter the competition, and if I recall correctly it was quite last minute as well as I was very busy amidst final-year deadlines. The brief for the competition was “Colour Communication”, sponsored by The Archroma Colour Atlas, in which all entrants had to refer to the colour atlas when deciding their colour palette. The competition day saw students from other Midlands universities, from multiple different types of courses gather at Nottingham Trent University for the Regional Heat. After a full day of judging and guest speakers talking about their careers and practices, the Midlands Regional Winner was announced and to my disbelief it was me!

The next stage of the competition was the National Final, held in April 2018 at the Merchant Adventures’ Hall up in York. Again, we had a very full day of judging in the morning, guest speakers and talks in the afternoon, followed by a lovely 3-course black-tie meal in the evening. There were six finalists including myself in the National Final, and we all had the opportunity to present our work to all the guests who came to the evening event which was a huge highlight. After an amazing 3 course dinner the finalists of the competition were introduced, and I was ecstatic to be announced as the winner of the National Final! The judges praised my work for its natural colour palette and highly commercial designs.

Fast forward 7 months to the International Grand Final, where 14 other contestants from around the globe came to London for 3 days of sight-seeing, tours and guest speakers and lectures. The day of the Grand Final was held in the Artworkers Guild, with three industry experts judging our work. Lucy Polson of New Zealand, representing Australia and New Zealand was a worthy winner of the International competition. With myself (Yasemin Yasar, UK) and Mingcheng Zhang of China coming worthy Global Runners-up!


I cannot thank the SDC enough for their amazing efforts and contributions to the colour and textile industry, with a special mention to Angela and Clare who worked relentlessly over all of the events! I am so incredibly grateful for participating and attending the events they have hosted, as well having the opportunity to meet so many amazing industry experts and other students. For the first competition I ever entered, it is truly humbling to have come Global Runner-Up of the 2018 SDC Colour and Design Competition, an experience I will always remember.

Credit to the SDC for providing photos of the Grand Final in London, November 2018

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